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Car of the Week: Audi R8

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On a weekly basis, we are going to present you a car that will become our car of the week. We are going to feature cars that has made an impact in various fields. And for our kick-off, we are proud to give the first Car of the Week, the Audi R8. Alabama, Audi Cars: Iron Man and Audi R8

The Audi R8, since its debut in 2007, has already gained tons of positive feedbacks. This car from the German maker will also hit the big screens along with Iron Man, the comic hero turned film. The movie will feature a total of 4 Audi cars including the Audi S5, Audi Q7 and Audi A6, but the main car of our hero will be the R8.

audi-r8-2-lgThe Audi R8 was based on the platform of the Lamborghini Gallardo, of which Audi has full ownership of the subsidiary of Lamborghini. The Audi R8 road car is the counterpart of the successful Audi R8 race car.

Many car critics said that the Audi R8 is the first car to beat Porsche. Many magazines claimed that the Audi R8 is far more better than the Porsche Carrera and it is the top of its class.

The R8 itself has gained a lot of awards to prove that it is one car that you should go for. It was the Best Handling Car and Fastest Car In The World of 2007 by Autocar magazine. The 2008 Car of the Year Award was also given to R8 by Playboy Magazine. The R8 was awarded World Performance Car of the Year and World Design Car of the Year during the 2008 World Car Of The Year Awards. The top-billed Top Gear magazine also named Audi R8 as the Car Of The Year 2007.

If these awards still not enough, then I guess you have to look on the specs to see for yourself how great the car is.

AUDI R8 Specifications


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Story by Đinh Quang Huy

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